Established in 2020, the practice seeks to make thoughtful buildings and spaces that support and enrich the environments in which they are constructed and the lives of the individuals and communities they serve.

Central to the practice’s values is an interest in the process of assembly; an appreciation of the qualities of proportion, arrangement and form; and a profound respect for the places in which we build. 

The practice is open-minded and curious, drawing inspiration and finding direction from a great range of sources, seeing value in both the ordinary and sublime; the familiar and the obscure.

Above all, the practice is driven by the conviction that good buildings are a product of skilled, passionate and committed people working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and patience.


William studied architecture at Cambridge, Edinburgh and London Metropolitan University, qualifying as an architect in 2015.

In addition to practice, William teaches at the Kingston School of Art and has been an invited critic and lecturer at schools of architecture in the UK and mainland Europe.

William is a member of the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

For more information, or to discuss potential projects or collaborations, please contact:

William Guthrie Architect

Studio 4
47 Staffordshire Street
SE15 5TJ

+44 (0)7749355821