I seek to make thoughtful buildings and spaces that have an enriching effect on those who occupy them and the environments in which they are constructed.

I am interested in ideas of proportion, scale, arrangement and assembly, and am concerned with the specific conditions - physical, ecological, social and cultural - in which architecture situates itself. It is through the sensitive consideration and handling of these things that I believe meaningful architecture is made.

Good buildings are commonly a product of skilled and committed people working together in an environment of mutual respect, trust and patience, and it is precisely these conditions that I seek to foster in every one of the projects with which I am involved.


William studied architecture at Cambridge, Edinburgh and London Metropolitan University, qualifying as an architect in 2015.

Having worked for a number of practices in the UK and continental Europe, William established his own practice in 2020, operating from a studio in South East London.

In addition to practice, William teaches at the University of Kingston (UK).

William is a member of the Architects Registration Board (ARB).  


For more information, or to discuss potential projects or collaborations, please contact:

William Guthrie Architect

Studio 4
47 Staffordshire Street
SE15 5TJ

+44 (0)7749355821